Taylor Griffiths, 2016

Assistant Fire Chief, Carlisle Barracks

"I had no idea what to expect going into the Leadership Cumberland program. the experience was truly engaging from the professional connections developed with peers to the monthly sessions we all attended. Leadership Cumberland also exposed us to so many great aspects of Cumberland County I never knew existed."

Ashley Kurtz, 2016

Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation/Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau

"Leadership Cumberland was an opportunity for me to network like I never had before. Through meeting, collaborating with and learning from my peers, my professional network has expanded to not just my classmates, but their connections as well. Being in an environment where I was grouped with 20+ professionals that were roughly the same age as me helped to accelerate friendships as we quickly found similarities in our professional and personal lives. It was also an opportunity to really explore our local community through the lens of the businesses that are here, and the people that work in those businesses, rather than reading a list of statistics."

Brigid McDougall, 2016

United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County/Foundation for Enhancing Communities

"I gained so many things through my fellowship with Leadership Cumberland. Not only did I gain an acute awareness of the issues and resources within Cumberland County, I developed my interpersonal abilities and sharpened skills that have enhanced my professional development, however the most valuable part of Leadership Cumberland was the relationships I gained. I can honestly say the connections I made with my co-fellows are now some of the most important and cherished relationships I have and I owe it all to Leadership Cumberland!"

Megan E. Peterson, 2016

Central Penn College

"Leadership Cumberland was an absolutely amazing experience. The content in the sessions was informative and challenging, and the connections I made both within the community and with members of my cohort have been incredibly valuable and rewarding."

Kellan Lowe, 2016

Volvo Construction Equipment

"Leadership Cumberland was a wonderful program, and was a great way to deepen my connection to the Cumberland County area. I was able to learn so much about the history of our area, the complex issues facing our region in regards to education, workforce development, and economic outlook, and to network with business leaders from a variety of fields. LC was a great experience, and I’d strongly recommend it for all existing and future leaders within our community."

Susan Drummer, 2015

American Mint

"The experience was more than I anticipated. The learning, friends, networking that came from the class was invaluable. The speakers provided information I could use in both my career and personal life. This was an opportunity that I am happy I was able to be a part of."

Jeremy W. Freeland, 2015

Mechanicsburg Area School District

"My Leadership Cumberland experience was an outstanding experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Not only were we given the opportunity to grow in our leadership, we forged life-long relationships with our cohort. I am very thankful for this program and the friends I now have because of it. Go LC!!!"

Christina Nguyen, 2015

KFJ Enterprises LLL dba Aarons

"When you think you're good at leadership, search deeper and find a new adventure. Leadership Cumberland has connected the separation between my own self and community. I have become a more effective leader aware of the differences in others and can testify the invaluable experiences from the program through creative workshops, ideation sessions, and team days. I strive to become a leader the next generation will be inspired by."

Karli Wagner, 2015

Volvo Construction Equipment

"Leadership Cumberland enhanced my local awareness and professional skills. The program gave me the confidence to become invested in my community and excel in my career."

Reed VanDerlyke, 2014

Orrstown Bank

"Leadership Cumberland has played a key role in both my personal and professional development. The learning and networking opportunities continue long after completion of the program."

Cindy Gleim-Pool, 2013

John W. Gleim

"Leadership Cumberland has opened doors for me.  I had exposure to great educators in leadership, networked with people from different professions and learned about the wonderful non-profits that are here in Cumberland County.  This experience will help me to give back to my community and also improve my professional life.    Thank you Leadership Cumberland!"

Jim Proctor, 2013

James Proctor Law Office, LLC and Booz Allen Hamilton

"I applied for a Leadership Cumberland (LC) fellowship primarily because I wanted to learn more about how my region operates. While it's true that I have increased my familiarity with local governments and non-profit organizations, there's been so much more. As an intern with the board of the Joseph T. Simpson Library in Mechanicsburg, I've had a chance to observe the workings of a successful non-profit organization on a first-hand basis. The leadership skills classroom sessions have taught me more than I thought this retired Naval officer could learn. Most important to me, though, has been the opportunity to participate in the program with 24 other LC fellows. My classmates represent a diverse breadth of leaders from throughout Cumberland County, provide a supportive environment for all of the participants, engage themselves in each session in a manner that enhances the learning experience for all, and share a passion for bettering the community that is truly an inspiration to me. I strongly recommend the LC program to anyone interested in public service."

TJ George, 2012

Capital Area Christian Church

"Attending Leadership Carlisle was a great experience!  Even though I had already served on many boards and committees by the time I attended, I still found the curriculum to be beneficial to me.  I enjoyed the networking opportunities and have stayed in touch with several of my classmates.  As a current member of Leadership Cumberland board and serving on the Curriculum committee, I can attest to the fact that the program has only improved over the years and continues to improve.  It is an opportunity that you should not miss!  It is worth your time and efforts and your company's investment in you."

Mike Wilson, 2012

The Vineyard at Hershey

"Leadership Cumberland was a first-class experience. While the curriculum and the program provide for a solid core, the relationships one is able to develop with Cumberland County movers and shakers simply cannot be matched. I entered the program knowing none of the other fellows - but left with very close friends and excellent business relationships. The Leadership Cumberland program is worth its weight in gold."

Sue Stuart, CFRE, 2011

Holy Spirit Health System

“Leadership Cumberland was a great experience. I’ve been through group classes before, but LC offers a unique blend of inspired learning, collaborative skill building, and, along the way, it renewed our energy for community service.”

William Hoffer, 2007

Carlisle Barracks

"I thought the experience was outstanding and got to learn a lot about the communities of Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and especially how a community is governed and how a community grows with investments and nonprofit organizations."

Timothy A. Hoy, 1993


"I thoroughly enjoyed my 1992 - 1993 experience with Leadership Cumberland, then known as “Leadership Carlisle.” The class preparation, well-taught sessions and student-led project have all been helpful in my work life and in community involvement. Additionally, the time I subsequently spent on the Leadership board with other community leaders provided excellent networking and education opportunities."