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Our ten month program begins with an orientation in August followed by a mandatory two day retreat in September.

Day long classes designed to address the identified outcomes are then held each month at various locations around the County.

A unique component of Leadership Cumberland is a Fellowship over the year whereby participants serve as a non-voting board member for a nonprofit they have selected.  These experiences are integrated in to the  class discussion.

Also enhancing the experience are three team session days;  these are issue oriented topics selected and developed by the Fellows.  The Synopsis provides the themes, dates and components for the 2018-19 year.

AugustAugust 16 Orientation: Great Expectations

  • Orientation
  • Finding Purpose (Personal Development): This session is an introspective examination to discover life’s true purpose. Participants will explore where meaning exists in their own lives and where gaps may exist through thought provoking exercises, discussions, and personal reflections.
  • Leadership Models (Leadership): This session is designed as a facilitated group discussion on past to current leadership models and identifying the roots of contemporary leadership theory. 

SeptemberSeptember 20-21 Overnight Retreat: Team Building

  • Team Building Retreat (Networking): This session is designed as a series of group activities that help to bond and enhance cohort relationships while encouraging a total immersion in the team experience.   Activities and bonding events should be fun and motivational.  A focus on building skills such as communication, trust, collaboration, and fostering genuine connections among Fellows is paramount.
  • DISC Assessment (Personal Development):This session focuses on the DiSC model and is designed to develop a common language that Fellows can use to better understand themselves and techniques to adapt their behavior to better relate to others at the workplace. 

OctoberOctober 18 Boardsmanship: From Good to Great Governance


  • Strength Finders (Personal Development): Based on a Gallup study Strength Finders 2.0 uses a revolutionary program to help readers discover their distinct talents and strengths. Strengths Finder uses a web-based interview that analyses people’s instinctive reactions and immediately presents them with their five most dominant strengths and how they can best be translated into personal and career success.
  • Personality Impact (Personal Development): This session focuses on the Myer Briggs Personality Inventory and is designed to develop a deeper understanding of individual personality inclinations ways of thinking and behaving.
  • Nonprofit Governance (Community Awareness): This session provides a fundamental overview of the responsibilities of a governing board, including the basics of resource development, the ethical and legal environment, board/chief volunteer/chief professional/staff relationships, policy making and public relations.
  • Team Building (Utilizing Teams) (Networking/Personal Development): Leadershipentails working with teams.    This session looks at when and why to utilize teams, how to maximize their strengths and reduce conflicts and challenges to the extent possible.Focusing on Teams:  As a leader creating a diverse team is essential.  This session explores team dynamics.

NovemberNovember 15 Personal Skills: Strength Training

  • Personal Leadership (Personal Development & Leadership): This session focuses on defining and understanding your personal leadership style.  Participants will be exposed to various leadership models and explore how to recognize personal traits that can be adapted to accentuate your leadership potential.
  • Generational Understanding (Personal Development): This session highlights opportunities and challenges in the approach individuals from the various generations take within the workplace. Participants will engage in discussions about values, work habits, and strengths of each cohort.
  • Conflict Resolution (Leadership): Life is fought with conflicts both minor and serious.   How to approach conflict, develop mutual understanding and deescalate tensions are reviewed. This session focuses on reviewing conflict resolution techniques.  A certain amount of conflict can be a productive part of healthy team dynamics; learning how to manage both personal and workplace conflict through building mutual understanding assists in deescalating tensions and moving towards positive outcomes.
  • Nonprofit Finance (Community Awareness/Service): Given the desire to have alumni provide community service an awareness of legal and fiduciary responsibilities as a member of governing boards is imperative.   This session provides an understanding of required IRS and state regulations as well as the fundamentals of financial statements. This session focuses on developing knowledge and skills around board governance.

DecemberDecember 13 Diversity & Inclusion

  • Diversity (Community Awareness/Service): The on-going influence of ethnicity, race, religion, socio-economic as well as gender/sexual orientation and age diversity is an increased priority for effective leadership.   This session highlights the complexity of visible and hidden diversity that is our shared reality.

JanuaryJanuary 17 Competencies: Leadership, Not in a Vacuum


  • Professional Networking (Networking): As one of five outcomes for the program, networking is important to professional development and in community service.   How to successfully network and make the approach win-win is provided.
  • Public Speaking (Personal Development): This session focuses on developing participants’ skills including the fundamentals of a dynamic speech/presentation and presentation tools to maximize presenter comfort.  Exercises are included to practice skills in a trusted environment.
  • Emotional Intelligence (Personal Development): This session defines emotional intelligence and demonstrates how to use it to be successful in all relationships. The session will focus on the four core skills – self- awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

FebruaryFebruary 21 Ethics & Liability: Crucial Conversations

  • Decision Making (Leadership): Session reviews the systematic process of problem solving including definition/identity of the problem, analyzing the problem, selecting/evaluation solutions and building a realistic action plan for implementation.
  • Nonprofit Panel Discussion (Community Awareness/Service)
  • Ethics/Leadership (Leadership): As the year progresses the cohort comes to trust each other and is open to more serious discussions. Through a panel various professionals and volunteers discuss ethical situations have seriously challenged them. This session focuses on an understanding of how decisions are shaped by legal boundaries as well as professional guidelines and moral stances.

MarchMarch 21 Elected and Public Leadership

  • Vision of the County 25 Years from Now (Knowledge of the County): After setting the stage by describing the economic, technological and social environment 25 years ago, representatives from Chambers and CAEDC discuss their view of Cumberland County 25 years from now. Fellows are asked to contribute their forecasts as well setting the stage for the possibilities.
  • Public Service Panel (Community Awareness/Service): A panel of elected and appointed representatives shares views of leadership and also opportunities for the Fellows to consider in the public sector as part of their community service journey.

MayMay 16 End of Year Retreat2016 Capital IMG_2373

  • Communication & Ballroom Dancing (Personal Development): This session emphasizes the leadership trait of effective communication and deepens the appreciation for taking in of information through being respectful of hearing others as well as expressing your vision or expectations clearly.
  • Ropes Course Team Building  (Networking)

Bus ToursBus Tours

  • Cumberland County Bus Tour (Knowledge of the County): Sponsored by CAEDC
  • April 18 Gettysburg Bus Tour (Leadership)

GraduationMay 29 Graduation Celebration

  • Graduation


  • Fall date TBD: Backyard Bus Tour of Cumberland County
  • Thursday November 9:  Leaders@Lunch Fall
  • Thursday April 5:  Leaders@Lunch Spring
  • Friday April 6: MakeUp Snow Day